Pinstripe is an adventure game about a minister in hell

Launching a Kickstarter is not an easy thing these days, especially if you're an indie developer, so to see a game get almost twice the requested amount in only two days is a curious sight indeed.

The game in question is Pinstripe, a bizarre but stylish action adventure made entirely by a single man, everything from the graphics to the gameplay and even sound. Here's the Kickstarter trailer that managed to convince so many to join in on the project:


Pinstripe follows a minister by the name of Teddy as he searches through the frozen wastes of hell for his daughter which was taken away by an unknown entity that refers to itself as god. Along your journey you will have to blast away the demons of hell, solve various puzzles, explore some beautifully drawn environments and interact with other unfortunate souls stuck there with you.

But despite the incredibly heavy themes present in Pinstripe its being designed as a relatively simple game when it comes to actual gameplay. Rather than to bog down the player with with endless combat Pinstripe will instead be focusing on the art, music, story and immersion as you explore the desolate landscapes in search of Teddy's daughter.

Pinstripe has some silly puzzles

Can't argue with that

Pinstripe is about 60% complete right now but with the Kickstarter more than fully funded Thomas Brush, the one and only developer, has announced that Pinstripe will most likely be releasing in August 2016 for the PC, Mac and Linux.

If you would like to help out its development and possibly even reach the $75,000 tier which secures a iOS port then head over to the Pinstripe Kickstarter page, the lowest contribution that grants you a copy of the game is set at $15.