Poly Bridge 2 official artwork and logo

Much like its predecessor, Poly Bridge 2 has now arrived in order to show everyone exactly how hard the job of an architect truly is. Expect to see numerous bridge-related puzzles that revolve around safely guiding lunatic drivers from one end of the map to another, as well as a slow descent into madness once you realize your carefully constructed bridges are about as effective as ramshackle scrapheaps that fall apart after one use.

As for what exactly this looks like in gameplay terms, the first part anyway, that you'll find out through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a little peek:

Needless to say, Poly Bridge 2 is pretty much the exact same game as Poly Bridge 1, just with a bit of extra polish and a bunch of new content. So if you enjoyed the original, chances are you're going to have a pretty good time with Poly Bridge 2 as well - especially once you discover the magnificent glory of springs!

Have fun, and if you would like to learn more Poly Bridge 2, you should hop onto Steam.