Perception screenshot of the house

As far as horror concepts goes, Perception offers one of the most unique premises I've come across in quite a while. Our protagonist is a blind woman named Cassie who has to solve an ancient mystery entirely based on her sense of hearing! Since a completely pitch-black game wouldn't go over very well with critics and players alike you do actually get to see what the world in Perception looks like, but its all distorted and unsettling.

Trying to explain this through words alone is nearly impossible, so allow me to share with you the story trailer. It'll give you a decent idea of what Perception is all about, and most importantly, what the world looks like. Here's the video:

While the premise is definitely strong, I can't help but feel the developers made a mistake by visualizing the monster. Can you imagine how terrifying it would be if your only ever 'saw' the creature through vague outlines on furniture, the rustling of leaves behind you, and various other sound queues. Now that would be a living nightmare!

Fanciful speculation aside, if you would like to learn more about Perception ahead of its May 30th release date you'll find what you seek on either Steam or the official website. And on a final, as well as somewhat ironic note, here's a couple of images from a game where you are completely blind:

Perception screenshot of the cellar

Perception screenshot of the tree

Perception screenshot of the pathway