Pepper Grinder game screenshot of a boss fight against a giant beetle

As far as gameplay mechanics are concerned Pepper Grinder might just be one of the most unique action-platformers I've seen in quite a while. Instead of simply running around and slicing things up with a sword, in Pepper Grinder most of your movement will be done by tunneling straight through the world, while all of the combat will done via the business end of a massive drill!

Since all of this sounds like one giant gimmick and not something you would actually have fun with for long, allow me to show you the recently posted alpha trailer. It will give you an excellent idea of what Pepper Grinder is all about, and how exactly the whole "tunneling through the world" thing works. Have a look:

The concept may be 'completely out there', but for an early alpha trailer I'm genuinely impressed by how fun Pepper Grinder appears to be. If the bizarrely fast swinging animation could be slightly slowed down, and some of the annoying screen-shaking removed, I could easily see myself spending quite a bit of time digging my way through the world and its inhabitants - especially if all of them have death animations as awesome as the ship-breaking one!

Pepper Grinder has only just been announced so there isn't much information available, but if you would like to learn more I would recommend following the developer's website. There's nothing relevant there right now, but I'm sure it'll fill out as Pepper Grinder inches closer towards release.