Pathologic 2 screenshot of the bizarre crow-themed theater costumes

After quite a few years in development, the highly atmospheric and often bizarre adventure game Pathologic 2 will be coming to PC this May 23rd. Much like the original, you can expect Pathologic 2 to bring with it a heavy and oppressive atmosphere, plenty of unique and outright crazy characters, as well as a story that is anything but straightforward.

While all of this is incredibly difficult to showcase through a single video, I'd say the recently posted trailer does a pretty good job of establishing just what Pathologic 2 is all about. Have a gander, it's certainly an interesting one:

If you still have no idea what to expect, but you're intrigued enough to want to learn more, you might be glad to hear that Pathologic 2 has a free demo available. The demo even contains its own special ending, so you should be able to get a pretty good impression of the sort of unique and interesting universe Pathologic 2 inhabits. 

You can learn more about Pathologic 2, as well as follow its development moving forward, by heading over to Steam. Have fun with the demo!