Overcooked! 2 artwork and logo for the new Moon Harvest update

While Overcooked! 2 is already stuffed to the brim with content, I am pleased to say that the developers have decided to jam in another sizable free update! The freshly baked Moon Harvest festival brings with it five new and seasonally decorated kitchens, lily pads as a new kitchen hazard to annoy your (former) friends with, as well as three new recipes for various types of mooncake.

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this new content looks like in-game, as well as get a horrifying glimpse at how much chaos some of the new maps will cause, through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

In order to access all of this new content, you'll need to head on over to the 'Extras' screen on the main menu, and from there select 'Seasonal Updates'. This will then take you into the special seasonal map where you can access all of the bonus content released so far, including the Moon Harvest update.

To learn a tiny bit more about the update, as well as Overcooked 2! as a whole, you should head on over to Steam. Oh, and have fun absolutely demolishing the new kitchens!