Screenshot from the metroidvania platformer Outland

Indie developers over at Housemarque are currently getting ready to release their latest game, a colorful shoot'em up by the name of Nex Machina. In order to gain a little bit of exposure, but also show what exactly they are capable of, Housemarque are giving away their previous game Outland.

In the most basic sense Outland is a colorful and fast-paced platformer with some Metroidvania elements mixed in. Since these types of games are a bit hard to describe through words alone, mostly because they heavily lean on their visuals and gameplay to carry the experience, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. It doesn't feature long stretches of uncut gameplay, but it will still give you a good idea of what Outland truly is. Have a look:

If this looks like something you might enjoy you can grab yourself a copy by heading over to Steam. You don't even need to install the game in order to permanently own it, so if you have even an inkling of interest I would recommend you at least bind it to your account before its too late. And speaking of which, this promotion will be available until 10am PST on June 8th. Have fun!