Northgard screenshot showcasing a giant sword

Shiro Games, the developers behind the Evoland series, have recently announced their brand new project, a Viking-themed strategy game called Northgard. Throughout Northgard players will be expected to explore and conquer new lands, establish self-sustaining settlements, befriend or wage war against the rather colorful locals, and achieve ultimate victory through a variety of means (conquest, trading, culture, lore, etc.).

Since all of this is a bit too much to explain in words alone, here's the recently posted trailer to give you a better idea of what Northgard is all about:


"Northgard is a strategy game deeply ingrained with Norse mythology in which brave explorers have discovered a new world filled with mystery and danger, where players are tasked to help them survive and thrive in a hostile land. They will face mystical creatures like dire wolves and undead warriors roaming the land, giants that they can befriend or defeat, and winters so harsh even the boldest Vikings will shiver! 

To conquer the new world and become its master, the explorers have different strategies to lead their clan to greatness: explore, trade, or defeat your enemies in battle."

While concrete information is currently in short order, I can't help but see the similarities between Northgard and Banished, but also the Settlers series given how each of the villagers seems to be designated to a certain task. Whether any of that speculation is correct or not, I have no idea, but I must admit that I'm quite interested to see what the devs reveal about Northgard in the near future.

Speaking of which, there is currently no release date listed, but according to Steam Northgard will be arriving at some point in 2016, and best of all, it will have multiplayer!

Northgard village screenshot

Northgard strategy game screenshot - coastal settlement