Never Mourn artwork for the roguelike game with logo

In an interesting little divergence from the usual action-RPG tropes, Never Mourn is an upcoming, fast-paced roguelike where you get to play as a necromancer. So not only do you need to worry about the usual stuff like dodging enemy attacks and striking when an opportunity presents itself, but also ponder which enemies you'd like to add to your side and when it would be convenient to do so!

Since this is a rather unique concept, allow me to me to share with you the freshly posted teaser trailer. It should give you a pretty good impression of just what Never Mourn is trying to accomplish:

When it comes to the roguelike elements, it should come as little surprise to hear that each run will give you access to a variety of different spells and abilities to toy around with. The further you get the more spells you'll unlock for future use, so things should feel fresh and exciting for quite a few runs.

How exactly that will work out in practice, well, that's something we'll have to wait for a while to find out as Never Mourn still has no release date available. For now, however, you can follow Never Mourn's development and learn a tiny bit more about it over at Steam.

Never Mourn screenshot of the player raising the dead

Never Mourn screenshot of the player controlling hordes of zombies