Natural Selection 2 screenshot of the new Unearthed alien commander skins

Natural Selection 2 was a fairly niche game when it first launched, and despite numerous updates and improvements, it never really managed to garner much attention from the general public. That doesn't seem to bother the developers, however, given that they have just released a brand new (and rather hefty) update!

The Unearthed update has brought with it a new map and changes to already existing ones, a variety of new skins and models to play around with, as well as some much needed balance changes. While certainly not the most impactful change on the list, I am also incredibly happy to say that the holes in the Lerk and Gorge hitboxes have now finally been fixed! This should hopefully make it so shooting at the flying menaces will be a lot more consistent and a lot less annoying.

As far as the new Unearthed Commander skins are concerned, you'll be glad to hear that they are neither paid DLC nor particularly hard to get. All you need to do is play six rounds (that are at least five minutes long) on the new map and you'll get them for free. Now that's how you dish out in-game cosmetics!

You can learn more about this update, as well as Natural Selection 2, over at the official website. Have fun!