Risk of Rain 2 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Risk of Rain 2's very first content update is coming on June 25th!

Just like the original, Risk of Rain 2 is a fairly challenging roguelike that will have you face off against increasingly large hordes of monsters armed with a variety of items, abilities and powerups. A fairly simple concept, but one that Risk of Rain 2 has managed to execute with resounding successes, even though it only just launched into Steam Early Access. 

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that Hopoo Games' work has not gone unnoticed as Risk of Rain 2 has just managed to hit a truly impressive milestone - over a million copies sold in a single month! Just for comparison, it took the original Risk of Rain nearly five years in order to achieve the same number of sales on Steam.

Rather than simply celebrate, the developers are currently looking towards the future and the sort of content updates they have planned for Risk of Rain 2. The details are still few and far between, but according to the official roadmap, there is going to be a bunch of new survivors, equipment and bosses coming in the next few months. 

Risk of Rain 2 screenshot of snowed-over ruins

Needless to say, there is a lot of new content to look forward to!

"This [upcoming] update is particularly exciting for us because ALL of the content included in our first update will be new content to the Risk of Rain universe," reads the official announcement. "Expect a brand-new survivor, map, and more. If you’re a RoR1 fan and you miss some RoR1 survivors - don’t give up yet. Future content updates will weave in some returning content from Risk 1; we hear your wishes!"  

"We hope our first content update plants the seeds necessary to continue growing Risk of Rain 2 into an even better game for players. This patch will also include quality of life updates and bug fixes! Again, as we get closer to launching this content update we will be sharing more details and even some teasers of what's to come." 

You can learn more about Risk of Rain 2's future, as well as follow the developers moving forward, by hopping over to Steam. Have fun shooting a whole bunch of aliens!