Moonscars official key art for the indie souls-like Metroidvania game

If you're a fan of the new age of Souls-like games that combine the combat elements of Dark Souls with Metroidvania style exploration, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming Moonscars. It's a 2D action-adventure that will have you forge your own path through a dreary and non-linear world, master new abilities that will help you open up additional routes and shortcuts, and naturally, slash, parry and dodge your way through numerous tricky encounters.

What all of this looks like in action, as well as what the story might be about, that you can find out through the recently posted teaser below. Have a gander:

Much like a good chunk of Metroidvania games, I'd be lying if I said that Moonscars doesn't seem like it's right up my alley. So here's to hoping it'll manage to avoid some of the usual jankiness that seems to come with smaller games in the genre and give us all a solid Souls-like experience to really sink our teeth into!

Whatever the case may be, we'll find out soon enough as Moonscars will be landing onto PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch this September 27th, 2022. Once it does, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, you can read a little bit more about Moonscars over at Steam. Enjoy!

Moonscars screenshot of the dreary scenery from the indie souls-like Metroidvania

Moonscars indie souls-like metroidvania cutscene screenshot of the main character kneeling