Matrix inspired indie FPS Superhot is arriving soon

After being successfully Kickstarted in a single day back in 2014 the indie time-bending FPS Superhot is now getting ready for a full release.

You can expect it to arrive on February 25th for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms with the Xbox One version following a couple of weeks later. Here's the rather stylish trailer that came along with the announcement:


Superhot first appeared back in 2013 as a game jam project made for the 7 Day First Person Shooter competition during which it managed to garner a lot of attention with a rather well done prototype you can play to this day, for free. After going through a successful Kickstarter campaign the next year the scope of the game increased significantly and thus we arrive at the Superhot being announced today.

Superhot is a first person shooter where time only moves while you do, essentially making the whole game a series of Matrix inspired fight sequences where you get to kick ass while looking stylish in the process.

Despite the FPS tag Superhot is very much so a puzzle game as you can die just as easily as your enemies and since there is no regenerating health or chest high walls to hide behind you're going to have to rely on your wits and experience to carry you to victory.

Superhot will be arriving on the PC, Linux and Mac this February 25th at a very affordable and reasonable $14 price tag.