Mages Of Mystralia is a charming action adventure

Mages of Mystralia, besides being nigh impossible to google unless you're interested in Australian landscapes, is a charming action adventure that allows you to craft your very own spells in order to overcome enemies and puzzles alike.

It was announced a mere few days ago with a rather fetching trailer which I would like to share with you, along with some more information on what exactly Mages of Mystralia really is:


In Mages of Mystralia you take the role of Zia, a young girl who one day discovers that she has an innate ability to control and shape magic. What should be a joyous occasion and the start of a lifelong study of the arcane is instead a nightmare as magic has been outlawed by the Marquis, which forces young Zia to abandon all that she knows in order to hastily train and perfect her control over magic.

What follows is a journey across the land of Mystralia which is filled with wondrous locations, ancient ruins, but also devious traps and bloodthirsty enemies. Luckily for Zia, her chance encounter with mysterious magical runes allows her to transform and morph her spells in to a variety of shapes and effects, each one bringing a new approach to combat and puzzle solving.

Mages of Mystralia is a very pretty game

If everything else fails, there's always the option of just whacking it with your wand

The most interesting part about the story in Mages of Mystralia is that its being written by Ed Greenwood, author of hundreds of fantasy books and the creator of the Forgotten Realms universe from which some of my favorite classic DnD games sprung out (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, etc.). Odds are the main plot will be a fairly simple affair, given the tone Mages of Mystralia is going for, but what I'm looking forward to is all of the background lore and peculiar details Greenwood is famous for.

Mages of Mystralia will be arriving in 2017, and if you're interested in some more information I'd suggest you head over to the official website

Mags of Mystralia hidden temples