Loria screenshot of Warcraft 2 styled visuals

If you're feeling nostalgic about Warcraft 2 and 3, you might be interested to hear that the newly released Loria has taken some heavy, heavy inspiration from both of them. The visuals are greatly reminiscent of Warcraft 2, there are two playable races with their own unique campaigns, each faction has dozens of units and upgrades to juggle, you can level up and equip six different heroes, and the list goes on.

You can get a pretty good idea of what Loria looks like in gameplay terms, as well as how the Warcraft 2 styled visuals hold up in motion, through the recently posted trailer down below. Have a gander:

I haven't played it myself, but just from watching the trailer it is fairly obvious that Loria is somewhat rough around the edges. So if you're up for a bit of a nostalgia trip, do make sure to do some research before diving in head first. It is a relatively cheap game, totaling at €12 with the current discount, but it's always better to be safe than sorry with these things.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Loria currently does not have multiplayer. However, the developers have said that if Loria ends up selling around 3000 copies and acquires a somewhat stable playerbase, they will work towards adding it. All things considered it's a fairly reasonable idea, especially given how many indie games try to go all-in on multiplayer, only to end up without much of a playerbase or singleplayer content.

You can learn more about Loria, or just grab yourself a copy, by heading over to either Steam or the official website. Enjoy!

Loria screenshot of Warcraft 2 inspired gameplay and UI