Little King's Story PC screenshot

Little King's Story is an RTS/RPG hybrid that released for the Nintendo Wii 7 years ago, or a couple of centuries in Internet years given that it has been largely forgotten despite having overwhelmingly positive reviews from both the critics and the general public.

If all of that has now piqued your interest, and you've somehow skipped reading the title, you'll be glad to hear that Little King's Story is coming to the PC this week, on August 5th to be specific. Here's the recently posted PC trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what Little King's Story is all about and why it has garnered such reviews:


As for the actual story premise, I believe its best if I just let the Steam description speak for itself:

"Once upon a time, in a small, unremarkable village, there was a timid little boy who didn't have any friends. One day, while playing alone in his bedroom, he was rudely interrupted by a family of dirty rats. Chasing them out of his room, the little boy suddenly found himself lost in a vast, mysterious forest, where he happened upon a magical crown that imbued him with the power to command. The little boy -- with his newfound companions Liam, Verde, and Howser the Bull Knight at his side -- has (rather surprisingly) become the leader of the small, down-on-its-luck kingdom of Alpoko.

With his newfound powers of persuasion, the little boy began working to raise Alpoko from the depths of obscurity and poverty into the dizzying heights of absolute power and prosperity. With Howser offering effective advice and unrestrained ambition, and the citizens of Alpoko sharing his grandiose plans (whether they want to or not), the little boy marches ever onward to his ultimate goal of World Domination!"

The PC version will come with greatly improved graphics and textures fit for modern displays, but will not sacrifice any of the "original storybook-style art, content, and gameplay". Little King's Story is set to arrive on Steam on August 5th at a $25/€23 price tag, along with a 10% discount for the first week.

Little King's Story screenshot showing off the HD PC version