Iron Snout is a fun button-mashing fighting game

The past two days have been rather strange for me as far as indie games are concerned. First I came upon a Dark Souls inspired ARPG starring a mouse in shining armor fighting off hordes of spiders and today its a martial arts pigs fending off hordes of wolves using hog-fu.

Despite the ridiculous premise Iron Snout, the game in question, turned out to be a really fun and challenging fast paced button-mashy fighting game. Here's the trailer so you can see for yourself what its all about:


So how does Iron Snout work?

Quite simple really, you are glued to the center of the screen and progressively harder and more numerous hordes of suicidal wolves charge at you with cleavers, spears, bombs and whatever else they might scoop up along the way. Through a combination of a dozen or so moves you will need to fight off your lupine enemies and stay alive for as long as possible.

As I said, its a very simple premise. Where it becomes really interesting is how well designed and challenging the actual combat is. You have plenty of moves at your disposal but simply mashing buttons will just result in you receiving a cleaver to the temple. What you need to do instead is to time your attacks, dodges, jumps and ducks in such a way that you allow your enemies to come close in order to steal their weapons but not close enough that they can take a solid swing at you.

Its a lot harder than it sounds since the action gets very frantic very quickly but that's the charm of Iron Snout, its absolutely merciless towards you yet incredibly fair at the same time. You'll probably start off like me wondering why you even installed this POS but then pull off a sweet combo where you punch one wolf, steal his hatchet, throw it across the scren right at a rocket-wielding wolf who then misfires and sends limbs flying everywhere and then wonder what took you so long to get it in the first place.

Iron Snout is a fun free fighting game

Woooops... did I do that?

If you're now thinking that this looks and feels like a mobile/flash game you wouldn't be wrong because Iron Snout did originally release on the various gaming websites and mobile phones. But that doesn't stop it from being a good hour or so of enjoyable wolf-slapping time.

Most importantly, Iron Snout is completely free. There is no DLC, there are no microtransactions or costumes to buy. Its just you, a bunch of wolves and that paper you need to write but keep delaying.

You can grab Iron Snout on Steam and I'd recommend you do so as its both fun and rather small in download size so even if you don't like it you've wasted less than 5 minutes.