The Humble Indie Bundle 16 is now available alongside some great games

After devouring countless Humble Bundles over the years it has become increasingly hard for me to get excited about yet another. One part of it is because the luster had worn off after dozens of other websites copied the formula and the other because I've ended up with a backlog so large I could not buy games for a year and still have it big enough to complain about.

However, today's Humble Indie Bundle is a much different story as its so filled with interesting games that I can't help but be excited about it. Allow me to share with you why that is the case by briefly going over each of the games:

Pay what you want tier:

- Retro City Rampage is a modern take on the old school GTA games. There is no story worth mentioning, no characters to dump exposition on you, just pure and explosive 8-bit shooty/drivey action.

- Outlast along with Amnesia is one of the finest indie horror games out there. Due to how graphic it gets later on I wouldn't recommend playing it if you're lighthearted but if you're up for a true survival horror experience then by all means, go for it.

- Never Alone is a traditional Alaskan folk tale transferred in to a very atmospheric and beautiful puzzle/platformer. If you don't mind the somewhat generic gameplay you will find that Never Alone is well worth experiencing.

Pay more than the average of $6,13 tier:

- Trine 3: Artifacts of Power is the worst of the Trine trilogy but is by no means a terrible game. Its biggest issue is the fact that the transition from 2.5D to 3D has been done somewhat poorly and as such the controls can be floaty or non responsive on occasion. Its still well worth playing for the visuals and story but don't expect a well polished and tight experience.

- Doorkickers is a brilliant real time strategy game that puts you in control of a SWAT team during a tactical incursion against multiple armed and entrenched opponents. Your success will depend entirely on careful planning, timing and most importantly your ability to kick down doors. If you're a strategy game fan then I fully recommend you grab this tier just for Doorkickers alone.

- More games are going to be added to this tier in the future so if you're on the fence make sure to revisit this Humble Indie Bundle again in a week or so.

Pay $8.13 (average price + $2) or more to unlock this batch:

- Else Heart.Break() is a bit of a strange one because its a narrative based game that's also there to teach you the basics about logic and programming. As an actual programmer by trade I found the gameplay to be easily exploitable but the story was interesting and the characters compelling so if you don't know much about programming, or have far more self restraint than I do, you might find a good bit of fun with the game.

- Sunless Sea (Linux Debut) is roguelike-ish game with plenty of exploration, memorable characters and a setting that will have you immersed in no time. It does get a bit grindy by the time you reach the end game but the insane world of Fallen London is well worth exploring and experiencing in person... before you go insane and eat your own crew.

And there you have it, a short description of all the tiers and what to expect from each of the games. Usually this would be the time where I tell you which tier is the most worthy of your money but to be perfectly honest all of them are, depending on your tastes.

Either way you look at it you're getting a whole bunch of interesting games for a relatively low sum of money so pick the ones you're interested in and make sure to have fun with 'em!