Gurgamoth is a local co-op 2D fighting game

Have you ever wanted to engage in mortal combat with your friends in order to earn the favor of an uncaring and bloodthirsty elder god?

If the answer is yes you should probably seek out help, but before you go I would like to bring your attention to Gurgamoth - a local multiplayer brawler where the ultimate goal is to sacrifice your friends. Here's the trailer so you don't think I'm making all of this up:


The core gameplay in Gurgamoth involves flying, dashing and beating the living daylight out of your friends enemies while avoiding the various environmental traps each level is filled with. The matches are rather short and explosive so don't expect to see much downtime between fighting, you have a thirsty blood god to sate after all.

While Gurgamoth certainly looks interesting there are two big potential problems that need to be addressed. First of all, Gurgamoth is a local multiplayer only game so if you don't have a couple of friends at the ready, or at least a few vagrants no one will miss, there is very little for you to do.

Gurgamoth is a local co-op fighting game

Not nearly as fun if you only have yourself to sacrifice

The other problem is that Gurgamoth is for some reason a controller-only game. I'm assuming this is because of the fast paced combat and focus on precision movement but even so it feels like a needless limitation on its potential audience.

But if you do have some friends and a few controllers lying around Gurgamoth does seem like a fun party game that will produce plenty of excited yells and more than a fair share of swearing as people get pushed in to spikes by accident.