Griftlands official artwork with logo

[Update]: After two years in Early Access, Griftlands has now successfully been unleashed!

Klei Entertainment, the studio behind Don't Starve and Oxygen Not Included, has now unleashed their newest game Griftlands onto Steam Early Access. To put it simply, Griftlands is a rogue-lite deck-building game that's all about making hard choices, picking the right factions and people to support, and naturally, experimenting with a variety of builds before you inevitably pick a fight with someone you really shouldn't have.

Right now Griftlands only has two playable character, though each one has their own unique campaign with different factions to befriend (or annoy) and locations to plunder. Each one also comes with two distinct decks to toy around with, one for battle and one for negotiations, which makes hitting the perfect built quite a tricky affair. So if you're looking for a roguelite game with a bit of longevity, it seems like Griftlands will have you covered.

As for what exactly Griftlands looks like in action, as well as what its story might entail, that you'll find out through two of the most recent trailers. The first one is a cinematic short setting up the three main characters, while the second one is all about the gameplay itself. Have a gander:

You can learn more about Griftlands, as well as follow it on its Early Access journey, over at Steam. Have fun!