Graveyard Keeper screenshot of a spooky ghost

Graveyard Keeper is one of those games that completely defy expectations, whether that be a positive or negative. In the most basic terms, it's a rather intriguing combination of Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon inspired gameplay and completely ridiculous graveyard management. If you're worried a game like this could become too morbid to be something you can actually relax to, I would say not to worry as Graveyard Keeper seems to be well aware of its potential problems given that the actual decisions you'll get to make are seemingly all over-the-top.

Since trying to explain something like Graveyard Keeper through words alone is a nearly impossible task, allow me to share with you the recently posted and rather lengthy gameplay trailer. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect and just how over-the-top it all is. Have a gander:

While I'm still not sure whether or not I'd actually enjoy Graveyard Keeper, I must admit my interest is piqued. This is partly due to the art style which somehow manages to fit the theme perfectly, and partly due to the Stardew Valley inspired gameplay as I'm a big ol' sucker for simple life simulation games. How much of that will be present in Graveyard Keeper, that I'm afraid I don't know, but it's certainly something I am eager to find out!

Graveyard Keeper will be coming to PC and Xbox One at some point later this year, though no exact release date has been given just yet. You can learn a little bit more about it, as well as follow its development moving forward, by heading over to the official website or Steam.

Graveyard Keeper using the river to do your job