Five Nights at Freddy's RPG FNaF world is currently free

I have to hand it to Scott, creator of the FNaF series, when he said he's going to make it up to people because of how unfinished FNaF World was he truly meant it.

After being pulled from Steam a couple of weeks ago the Five Nights at Freddy's themed RPG FNaF World is now available for free on Gamejolt in a beta state. Here's the trailer so you can get a better idea of what sort of madness FNaF World is up to:


Compared to the version pulled from Steam this one features much better graphics as well as numerous gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. Most importantly, the issue that caused the previous versions to play at almost double speed in combat has been sorted out and you can now play FNaF World without developing carpal tunnel.

As for the actual game itself the most important thing to keep in mind with FNaF World is that its not actually a slow-burning horror game, quite the contrary, its a rather cutesy old school RPG with fast paced turn based combat. Instead of sitting in a small office getting mauled by animatronics you will travel around the world alongside your creepy companions and work towards making it a more safer and peaceful place.

While I haven't had the chance to play it yet I have to commend Scott Cawthon for being an upstanding gentleman in this situation. He could have just as easily released the game back on Steam, shoved it in Early Access to shield himself from criticism, and earn a ton of money due to his fame.  But rather than go down the scumbag route he chose to give out FNaF World, a game he really seems to care about deeply, completely free for everyone to enjoy.

FNaF World is still in a beta state so playing it now might not be the best idea but I'd recommend you give it a try at some point in the future because a lot of love and care has gone in to it, and that tends to translate well in to enjoyable gameplay.