UnderRail official artwork for the Expedition expansion

[Update]: The Expedition expansion has now finally arrived, and it's actually quite good!

UnderRail is an oldschool, isometric turn-based CRPG that's heavily inspired by the Fallout series. As I've mentioned in my review, UnderRail is a bit clunky and often brutally difficult, but once you manage to get past that initial hurdle, it quickly becomes a genuinely captivating experience!

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that UnderRail's very first expansion will be arriving in the near future. While originally scheduled for early 2017, UnderRail's now greatly lengthened Exploration expansion will be coming this July 22nd.

The Expedition will bring with it a brand new storyline that becomes available during the mid-game, after which you'll be sent to explore around 200 new areas littered with monsters, treasure, and bizarre remnants of a world gone by. There will also be three new weapon types to toy around with, new psionic skills and talents, a higher level cap, and perhaps most importantly of all, jet skis!

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, wonder no more as the developers have released a small teaser a few months ago. Have a gander:

You can learn a little bit more about UnderRail's Expedition expansion, as well as the base game itself, over at Steam. Enjoy!