Fall Guys artwork for the Season 3 update

[Update]: Fall Guys' Season 3 update has brought in a bunch of festive new maps!

After going through the rather arduous process of gathering 300 puzzle pieces and then assembling them, the Fall Guys community has now unveiled the theme for the upcoming Season 3 update. While I'm sure this will come as a massive surprise, Season 3 will bring with it an assortment of snowy maps and plenty of festive costumes to celebrate the holiday season.

More importantly, especially if you were disappointed with the amount of content Season 2 brought to the table, Mediatonic has revealed that Season 3 will feature a lot more games and costumes. Whether these games will be variations or something entirely new, that I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little while in order to find out.

As for the release date, Mediatonic has not given any concrete information just yet. The only thing I can tell you is that Fall Guys' Season 3 update will be launching at some point during the second week of December. Given how close that is, I'm fully expecting the official Twitter to launch a whole series of teasers over the coming days, so if you're curious about what exactly is coming, you might want to keep an eye on it.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Fall Guys is currently 20% off thanks to Steam's Autumn Sale. This promotion will only last until December 1st, so if you're certain you're going to grab Fall Guys, you might want to get it done before you forget and the whole sale goes away.

Have fun, and here's to hoping Season 3 will be awesome one!