The End Is Nigh screenshot of black rain and pillars

If you're a fan of Super Meat Boy, or other such brutal platformers, you might want to pay attention to The End is Nigh. Its all about jumping around in a gigantic and extremely hostile world, dying a whole bunch of times before you figure out how to beat the level, and feeling like an absolute badass when you finally succeed. In many ways you can consider The End is Nigh a sort of spiritual successor to Super Meat Boy, though it definitely has a life of its own.

Since Edmund McMillen's games have quite a unique art style it would probably be a good idea for you to check out the recently posted teaser trailer. Just keep in mind that the first minute or so is just an introduction, so don't immediately close the video if the game on display seems a bit generic. Have a look:

The End is Nigh is going to have 600+ levels, 20 collectibles that each unlock a fully playable mini-game, and loads of hidden extras and secret endings you'll have to really wrack your brain to discover. In other words, if relentless suffering is your thing, I have a feeling The End is Nigh is going to deliver that in spades. Personally, I can't wait!

And speaking of waiting, The End is Nigh will be coming to Steam on July 12th. Since I can offer you very little else, and since the official website appears to be a 'troll', I'll leave you with a couple of blobby images:

The End is Nigh screenshot of a skeleton saying "hey dude"

The End is Nigh screenshot of Pacman chasing our character

The end is Nigh screenshot of us falling down