The End Is Nigh gameplay screenshot featuring jumping

If you're a fan of extremely brutal platformers, more specifically Super Meat Boy, you might want to check out The End is Nigh. Admittedly it does play quite a lot differently than Super Meat Boy, but it shares a lot of the same elements such as precise platforming, a casual relationship with death and dismemberment, collectibles that unlock extra levels, as well as a difficulty curve that will truly test your mettle.

Trying to explain Edmund McMillen's games through words alone is a bit of a pointless venture, so allow me to share with you the most recent teaser trailer. It starts off a bit slow but stick with it, there is plenty of gameplay after the 'introduction'. Anyway, have a look:

In terms of content The End is Nigh brings with it 600+ levels, 20 collectibles that each unlock a fully playable mini-game with its own tricks and mechanics, as well as a whole bunch of hidden extras you're really going to have to wrack your brain in order to discover. So if endless suffering is your thing you can find out more about The End is Nigh by visiting Steam. Have fun, and try not to chuck your mouse across the room!

The End is Nigh screenshot of Pac-Man