Dungeons 3 official artwork without logo

As you might guess from the name alone, Dungeons 3 is a faithful homage to the original Dungeon Keeper, as well as pretty solid strategy game in its own right. It's all about creating your very own dread fortress, populating it with an assortment of monsters and traps, and then crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone even remotely heroic that dares to waltz in.

If that sounds like something you would love to mess around with, you'll be happy to hear that Dungeons 3 is entirely free to grab over at the Epic Games Store. The only catch, as always, is that the giveaway is timed, so you'll need to snatch yourself a copy before November 12th. As long as you do that, you'll be able to play Dungeons 3 whenever you want and for however long you want.

On the other hand, how all of this looks like in action, that you can find out through one of the original gameplay trailers. Have a gander, it's a short but sweet one:

Personally, I'd highly recommend taking Epic up on their offer and diving into Dungeons 3. It's a remarkably addictive game, and one that I've spent more than a fair few hours playing, so if you're even remotely interested in the genre, it's well worth checking out. This goes doubly so right now considering that it's entirely free, since even if it ends up being a complete miss in your eyes, you've only lost like half an hour.

Whatever your decision may be, I hope you have fun!