Operencia: The Stolen Sun screenshot of a giant humanoid frog enemy

The first-person, dungeon-crawling RPG Operencia: The Stolen Sun has been available for a little while now on Xbox One, the Windows Store and the Epic Games Store. If you're not a fan of any of those platforms, however, you'll be glad to hear that the exclusivity period is now over and that Operencia has also made its way to Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect, as well as just what breed of RPGs Operencia took most of its inspiration from, through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one:

While this is only briefly mentioned in the description, I feel it's important to highlight that Operencia offers a variety of settings to tweak in order to better customize your difficulty. You can do things like limit the amount of save files that are available, implement permadeath, or if you're truly dedicated to RPGs of old, even disable auto-mapping in order to draw your own maps and routes. They're all relatively small tweaks, sure, but more choices and customization options are always a positive thing for an RPG.

You can learn more about Operencia: The Stolen Sun, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy, by hopping over to Steam and GOG. Have fun!