DreadOut 2 official artwork and logo

The original DreadOut released back in 2014 to a good bit of excitement and some fairly mixed reviews. The concept itself was pretty solid, as was the idea of focusing on the lesser-seen horror themes from Asian folklore and urban legends, but the actual execution left a lot to be desired. To put it simply, DreadOut was just a little bit too clunky.

Quite a few years have past since then, and developer Digital Happiness has now returned to give the whole thing another try with DreadOut 2. Much like its predecessor, DreadOut 2 is a survival-horror game with action elements, adventure game exploration, and even more Asian/Indonesian horror to dig into.

If you're wondering just what all of this looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what DreadOut 2's atmosphere is really like, you can find your answers in the recently posted launch trailer. Have a peek:

While I haven't played it myself, from what I can tell it seems that DreadOut 2 currently has some bug-related problems. So if you're planning to grab it, you might want to wait for an update or two, just to ensure you get as smooth of an experience as possible. After all, potentially game-breaking bugs are scary, but not for the right reasons!

You can learn more about DreadOut 2, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy, over at Steam.