Devil Daggers is a stylish arena shooter

[Update]: Hyper Demon is a psychedelic and completely over-the-top FPS from the Devil Daggers team.

Devil Daggers is a fast paced arena shooter inspired by arcade and FPS games of old that pits you, along with some magical daggers, against hordes of unsettling demons.

Add to that a fluid and diverse movement system, a good range of attacks, difficult enemies and surprising amounts of mechanical depth and you've got yourself a small but very noteworthy game. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:


The first thing to mention about Devil Daggers is that its a very focused game and as such it doesn't have the variety you might expect from an old school shooter but what it does have is polished to a mirror sheen, albeit slightly covered in demon blood.

And a good thing too because in Devil Daggers you are the simultaneously the most badass person in all of the hells as well as the wimpiest. You are able to do crazy air maneuvers, double jump, run astonishingly quickly and even bunny hop while constantly shooting daggers out of your hands faster than bullets leaving the barrel of a rifle and yet, you can die in a single hit. If the movement or shooting mechanics were even slightly off the entirety of Devil Daggers would've come crashing down, but luckily this is not the case.

Devil Daggers features some scary looking enemies

Whelp, you're boned... sorry

What this vulnerability means in gameplay terms is that Devil Daggers is a game that's very easy to get in to but is incredibly hard to master so even though it might not be overly long its still going to take you a while before you become proficient at it. But even if you reach that stage Devil Daggers doesn't have to be over for you as there is a global leaderboard of players competing for the rank of #1 demon slayer. Its not something that will interest the majority of players but its a nice bonus feature to have regardless.

If you're up for a fast paced shooter with some stylish graphics, difficult enemies and plenty of depth then give Devil Daggers a try. Its currently on Steam for €5/$5 so its rather cheap but more importantly quite fun.