Overload is a spiritual successor to Descent

Descent, for those of you that might not have an encyclopedic knowledge of old PC shooters, was an innovative and incredibly fun first person shooter with six degrees of freedom, meaning you could move in all directions and even fly around upside-down.

The reason I'm mentioning it now is because Overload, a spiritual successor to Descent, has just released a playable teaser showcasing everything many have come to love about the original game. Here's the trailer and the download link:


In order to give the playable teaser a try head over to the Overload website and simply use the download links found at the bottom of the page. Do note that even though the full release of Overload will support multiple platforms, including consoles, this short playable teaser is Windows only.

Overload is currently going through a somewhat unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, given that it has gathered $175,500 out of the $300,000 required with only three days left on the clock. If you found yourself enjoying the teaser and wish to see Overload made, and expanded with multiplayer, now would be the time to act. The cheapest pledge that comes with a digital copy of the game is set at $25 for the platform of your choice (PC, PS4, Xbox One).

Overload is a spiritual successor to Descent

One of the early alpha screenshots featuring everyone's favorite... explosions!

If funded, Overload plans to release sometime in 2017 along with a 15 level long campaign that aims to recreate the feeling of exploration and combat the original Descent offered, but this time around designed with modern control schemes and sensibilities in mind.

Whether it will succeed or not, I don't know, but it is certainly an interesting premise, and one that we don't get to see often these days.