Dead Cells: The Bad Seed official artwork and logo

[Update]: The Bad Seed DLC has now arrived, and so far it has received some pretty good reviews across the board.

After a whole bunch of free updates, Dead Cells will soon be getting its very first piece of paid DLC - The Bad Seed. The upcoming DLC will bring with it two new areas to help spice up the early game (the Arboretum and the Swamp), a couple of new items to toy around with, and most importantly of all, a gigantic new boss to endlessly bash your head against!

For those of you wondering what all of this might look like in action, allow me to share with you the recently posted preview. The video obviously has some spoilers for the new content, but I wouldn't say it's anything major. Well, unless you count the size of the boss itself! Anyway, have a peek:

If all of this looks like something you'd love to play around with, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that The Bad Seed will be releasing this February 11th. As for the price tag, The Bad Seed will set you back $5, which I must admit is quite reasonable given the amount of content on offer.

To learn more about The Bad Seed DLC, as well as the future of Dead Cells as a whole, you should check out the recent developer update on Steam. It's pretty interesting stuff, so if you're a fan of Dead Cells and its developers, it's well worth a read. It certainly paints a lovely future for Dead Cells!