The Iron Oath official artwork and logo

[Update]: My review for The Iron Oath is now out, and in short it's a promising turn-based strategy, though still quite rough around the edges.

The Iron Oath is a freshly released turn-based strategy that's all about running a mercenary company. As you might expect from description that alone, in The Iron Oath you'll need to gear up and mentor a wide assortment of mercenaries, pick and choose contracts that will give you the greatest benefits without angering any of the big factions around you, and naturally, do whatever you can to not end up without the gold to pay your crew!

Things take a bit of a Darkest Dungeon twist once you get to the actual moment-to-moment gameplay. As you explore sprawling dungeons in search of precious loot you'll have to contend with rapidly dwindling resources, demoralized party members, and injuries that just keep piling on and on. So as tempting as the various contracts might be, you'll have to carefully weigh your options and see whether they're actually worth the very real risk to your mercenaries.

You can get a little bit of a sneak peek at what all of this looks like in action through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

If all of this looks like something you'd love to mess around with, it's well worth mentioning that The Iron Oath has only just landed into Steam Early Access and as such is not a fully finished experience. According to the current plans it'll most likely stay in Early Access for twelve months, during which times it'll expand upon existing features, add a brand new region to explore, a whole bunch of new story quests, as well as new mechanics like sea travel and the company council. So before you dive in, do make sure to do your research so you don't end up disappointed with the amount of content on offer.

To do this, as well as to keep an eye on The Iron Oath's progress moving forward, you should head on over to Steam. Have fun!

The Iron Oath screenshot of the huge world map

The Iron Oath screenshot of the turn-based strategy combat in action

The Iron Oath strategy game screenshot of one of the cities