Cyber Shadow official artwork with logo

[Update]: Cyber Shadow has now been released, and unsurprisingly, it's quite a challenging game!

If you're in the mood for some good ol' fashioned slicing and dicing through hordes of pixely enemies, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming Cyber Shadow. To put it simply, Cyber Shadow is a Ninja Gaiden inspired retro action-platformer with plenty of challenging bosses and levels filled with all sorts of secrets and upgrades to collect.

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what kind of soundtrack you'll be jamming out to, through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

Unlike its freshly launched cousin Cyberpunk 2077, you won't have to wait all that long to give Cyber Shadow a try. In other words, you can expect to see it release for PC and consoles on January 26, 2021!

Once Cyber Shadow goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about it, as well as keep an eye on any last minute updates, over at the official website.