Cuphead artwork from The Delicious Last Course DLC expansion

It took a whole lot longer than anyone could've expected, but Cuphead's very first expansion The Delicious Last Course has now arrived. It brings with it Ms. Chalice as a brand new character with her own moveset and perks, and as you might expect, a whole bunch of deviously delightful new stages and bosses to smash your head against.

What this looks like in action, that you can get the briefest of peeks at through the recently posted trailer. It's not a long one, but it's more than enough to let you know that the splendid animation style has not been compromised even one bit. Have a look:

To answer whether The Delicious Last Course is worth your time and money, I must first ask a follow-up question - did you enjoy the original Cuphead? If the answer is yes then you should probably consider grabbing the DLC since it's pretty much just more gloriously animated goodness with a few extra bells and whistles added on top. On the other hand, if you didn't find yourself gelling with the original, then I'm afraid The Delicious Last Course is going to do very little to change your mind.

Whatever your decision may be, you can learn more about Cuphead and its The Delicious Last Course expansion over at Steam. Enjoy, and just remember, failure is simply a part of the learning process!