Crowns and Pawns point and click adventure game artwork

Inspired by the classics like Broken Sword and Syberia, the freshly released Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is a point & click puzzle-adventure. As you might imagine given that brief description alone, Crowns and Pawns is all about solving a variety of tricky problems, navigating obstacles in a way that no ordinary human would ever even consider, as well as chatting up an assortment of amusing characters along the way.

What I find the most interesting, however, is that Crowns and Pawns not only allows you to customize your character, but that the way you look actually plays into the puzzles themselves and how people respond to you. It's not a particularly complex system, so don't get any big ideas, but it's still a neat little touch to help you get immersed into the story.

Speaking of which, you can get a pretty good idea of what Crowns and Pawns is all about through one of the gameplay trailers below. Have a gander:

Before you consider jumping in, there are two things I need to warn you about. First of all, Crowns and Pawns has some difficult puzzles, so you will likely get stuck at certain points until you slowly reach that 'eureka' moment. Secondly, Crowns and Pawns is also a rather short game, so fully completing it won't really take you all that long. But if neither of those two things bother you, then consider giving Crowns and Pawns a closer look at it's a charming homage to point & click adventures of old.

You can learn more about Crowns and Pawns, as well as check out some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Enjoy!

Crowns and Pawns screenshot of a hand-painted village house

Crowns and Pawns screenshot of the main character on the bus

Crowns and Pawns screenshot of a hand-drawn street