Compound Fracture artwork and logo for the indie dinosaur survival horror game

Despite their popularity, and not to mention their qualifications, there's a surprisingly small amount of games starring dinosaurs as the main antagonists. Thankfully, the upcoming survival horror Compound Fracture will be looking to remedy that problem by pitting you against a plethora of prehistoric lizards within the confines of a ruined research facility.

While there will be a variety of guns for you to defend yourself with, ammo will be limited and hard to acquire - something best reserved for only the most desperate of situations. Instead you'll need to focus on outwitting the roaming dinosaurs, escaping conflict whenever possible, and doing whatever you can to hopefully save the hundreds of scientists still trapped inside.

Since the oppressing atmosphere plays a crucial part in Compound Fracture's gameplay, allow me to stop yammering and instead share with you the recently posted trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of what Compound Fracture is going for. Have a look:

The one bit of bad news is that Compound Fracture still has no release date, not even an estimate. The only thing I can really tell you for certain is that Compound Fracture will first launch onto PC, after which work will begin on the console versions.

You can learn more about Compound Fracture, as well as keep an eye on any developer updates, over at Steam. Enjoy!

Compound Fracture indie dinosaur survival horror screenshot of a raptor attack

Compound Fracture indie dinosaur survival horror screenshot of the player ambushing a raptor with a shotgun

Compound Fracture indie dinosaur survival horror screenshot of the flare item in the player's inventory