Chivalry 2 screenshot of an armored knight riding a horse

If you would like to get your hands on Chivalry 2 and see just what it has to offer, as well as help the developers out by giving some much-needed feedback, you might be interested to hear that the Closed Alpha is coming this March. The exact launch date hasn't been announced just yet, but you can sign up over at the official website for a chance at entry.

Before you do so, it is worth mentioning that the Chivalry Closed Alpha will be an alpha test in every sense of the word. You'll be testing combat mechanics, performance and even how playable the game is at different server sizes. There will be bugs, there will be missing or placeholder content, and most importantly, there will be a significant lack of polish. That said, most of the core gameplay mechanics will be present and accounted for, so it should still be a good bit of fun.

Speaking of content, the first wave of testing will focus on the Team Deatchmatch game mode, and will contain a "handful of maps" on servers that can support up to 64 players. Subsequent tests will bring in other modes like Team Objective, as well as changes based on player feedback.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha will have an NDA. In other words, you won't be able to record or share any gameplay footage or screenshots with people from outside of the alpha. So if you're planning to jump in, make sure to take things at least a little bit seriously.

You can learn more about the Closed Alpha, as well as what it has to offer, over at the official FAQ. Good luck with the alpha key giveaway, and I'll leave you with the original announcement trailer.