Screenshot from the official Cayne trailer

In a move you don't see very often these days, the developers behind Stasis have just released Cayne for free. There is no catch, no premium element to milk you dry, Cayne is simply free-to-play on both Steam and GOG. As for the story, you play as Hadley, a woman nine months pregnant who wakes up in a bizarre facility with no memory of how she got there or why the inhabitants want her baby.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like, here's the recently posted announcement trailer. It doesn't feature much in terms of straight-up gameplay, but it should still give you a general idea of what Cayne is like. Here's the video:

If you're like me then Cayne will most likely take you around 3-4 hours to beat, and while it is certainly flawed I would still recommend you give it a shot if you enjoy atmospheric horror games. And if you find yourself enjoying it so much you wish to support the developers, you can either purchase the Deluxe Edition which brings with it the soundtrack and a bunch of art, or help them fund Beautiful Desolation on Kickstarter - a post-apocalyptic adventure with a similar art style to Cayne.

Finally, here's a couple of images from Cayne for those of you that still aren't sure if its interesting enough to warrant a playthrough:

Cayne screenshot showing off a derelict room

Cayne screenshot showing a very bizarre chamber

Cayne screenshot featuring some strange technology