Book of Demons town screenshot

Book of Demons is a deck building hack & slash adventure with a rather lovely paper-craft aesthetic. It arrived to Steam's Early Access program a couple of months ago, and has since then acquired quite the impressive collection of positive reviews. For a game in Early Access that's still lacking two of its three major classes, that is a rather surprising achievement!

If you would like to learn more about it, and that's why I assume you clicked this in the first place, you're in luck as the developers have recently posted an extended gameplay video showcasing the Warrior class. So if really want an in-depth look at Book of Demons and everything it has to offer, here you go:

But if you're still unsure whether Book of Demons is something that might interest you, worry not as the developers have also recently released a free playable demo. You can find it by heading over to the Steam page and scrolling slightly down. It isn't terribly long, but it will give you a taste of pretty much everything Book of Demons has on offer, so if you're into hack & slash games you might as well give it a look. Have fun!

Book of Demons battle against a necromancer