Artwork for Episode 1 of Cultic - a boomer shooter heavily inspired by Bood

If you're a fan of boomer shooters and if the idea of chucking bundles of dynamite at cultists sounds like a jolly good time, the freshly released Cultic should be right up your alley! To put it quite simply, Cultic is a Blood inspired retro-FPS that's all about using mid-century firearms, explosives and nasty traps to dispatch hordes upon hordes of evil cultists.

Since trying to describe these types of games through words alone is a bit of a wasted effort, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of atmosphere Cultic is going for, as well as how bombastic the action really gets. Have a gander:

After messing around with the free demo, I feel I can comfortably recommend giving Cultic a try if you enjoy the recent wave of modernized retro FPS games. The Steam community seems to share a similar opinion as Cultic currently has an astonishing 99% approval rating with ~420 reviews. So if you have even a bit of time to spare, the demo is well worth the trouble.

You can check it out, as well as learn more about Cultic as a whole, over at Steam. Enjoy, and here's to hoping the planned Episode 2 expansion arrives sooner rather than later!

Screenshot of dynamite being used in Cultic - a Blood inspired boomer shooter game

Screenshot of a shotgun blowing up barrels in Cultic - a Blood inspired boomer shooter game

Screenshot of a highly atmospheric location in Cultic - a Blood inspired boomer shooter game