Sea of Craft screenshot of two ships duking it out

Much like Besiege from which it draws a great deal of inspiration, the rather poorly named Sea of Craft is a physics-based sandbox game. It's all about creating an assortment of outrageous ships, outfitting them with more weapons and armor than the poor vessels can possibly support, and then watching as your mechanical abomination self-destructs in a hilarious fashion!

What exactly this looks like in gameplay terms, that you'll find out through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it's a pretty fun-looking one:

Sea of Craft will be launching at some point this October, though no release date has been set just yet. That said, there will be a free demo available from June 16th once the Steam Game Festival goes live. From what I can tell the demo will feature a fair bit of content, so if you're curious about Sea of Craft, I think it'll be well worth checking out.

You can learn more about Sea of Craft, as well as give the demo a try once it goes live, over at Steam. Have fun breaking everything!