Beat Saber official screenshot showing the two lightsabers

While not exactly a complex game, Beat Saber is still one of the most enjoyable VR experiences I've ever had. There's just something incredibly therapeutic about slicing through countless boxes with lightsabers while jamming out to your favorite music! 

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that Beat Saber will not only be leaving Steam Early Access next week, but that it will be doing so alongside a brand new Level Editor. As the name would imply, the Level Editor will give you the chance to create levels for your own audio tracks, and naturally, the ability to share your creations with the whole world. A fairly simple concept, but also one with a great deal of potential behind it.

The only downside of this upcoming update is that the transition from Early Access will be accompanied by an increase in price. So once the May 21st release date rolls around, Beat Saber's price will go up to $30. Until then, however, Beat Saber will remain at $20. So if you were ever planning to buy it, this would be the time to do so. 

You can learn a little bit more about this update, as well as grab Beat Saber yourself, over at Steam. Have fun smashing boxes!