Aporia: Beyond The Valley screenshot of some lovely night-time visuals

Aporia: Beyond the Valley is an upcoming first person puzzle-adventure set in a world filled with ancient technology and long-overgrown ruins. Instead of using text or the classic narrator the storyline will conveyed entirely through the use of atmosphere and the ever-changing environment. An interesting idea to be sure, but one that is going to be difficult to pull off well.

If you're wondering what Aporia might look like in terms of gameplay, wonder no more as the developers have recently posted a decently lengthy gameplay trailer that covers pretty much everything you need to know. Have a look:

Aporia has been created in CryEngine, which combined with a fairly large and non-linear world should provide plenty of visually beautiful vistas to explore as you puzzle your way towards some sort of revelation. It will be coming to PC on July 19th, and if you would like to learn more I would recommend heading over to the official website. If you intend to grab Aporia I would suggest avoiding Steam and instead going through the developers themselves as you can get a 50% discount that way. Why exactly this is the case, I don't know, but I certainly wouldn't scoff at that big of a discount. And finally, here's a couple of lovely images:

Aporia: Beyond the Valley screenshot of a sunset

Aporia: Beyond the Valley screenshot of a mysterious rock formation

Aporia: Beyond the Valley screenshot of a ruined greenhouse