Amnesia: Rebirth official artwork and logo

[Update]: Amnesia: Rebirth has now been unleashed for PC and PS4, and unsurprisingly, it's pretty much the original game with new content and a few extra bells and whistles.

Ten years have gone by since Amnesia: The Dark Descent brought a breath of fresh air into the horror genre, and now its newest sequel Amnesia: Rebirth is rearing up to do the same. Whether it will succeed or not, we'll find out soon enough as Amnesia: Rebirth will be launching on October 20, 2020 for Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4.

As for what exactly you can expect to see in terms of storytelling, as well as what kind of environments you'll be running away from monsters in, that you can find out through the freshly posted preview. Have a peek, it's a rather nice one:

Since that one doesn't offer much in terms of raw gameplay, allow me to also share an earlier trailer. This is one is not only a lot longer, but showcases the moment-to-moment gameplay a lot better. Have it is:

Once Amnesia: Rebirth arrives I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can learn a little bit more about it over at Steam.

And just for good measure, it's also worth mentioning that Frictional Games have released the full source code for the original two Amnesia games! So if you're in the mood for peeking behind the curtains of game development, that should keep you busy for quite a while. Enjoy!