Amnesia: Rebirth official artwork and logo

[Update]: Frictional Games's next horror game will be a non-linear sandbox set in a desolate WW1 bunker.

In a little experiment with their previous sci-fi horror game SOMA, Frictional Games introduced a Safe Mode that tweaked some of the horror elements and made the monsters non-threatening. While it did somewhat diminish the overall impact of the story, the Safe Mode was still a massive success as it allowed a whole host of new players to explore the world and soak in the atmosphere.

As such, I'm pleased to say that Frictional Games have now done the same for the recently released Amnesia: Rebirth. When playing the new Adventure Mode many of the horror audio and visual elements are noticeably toned down, the environments are slightly more bright in order to allow for easier exploration, while any sort of life-threatening monster encounters are entirely gone.

However, unlike SOMA's Safe Mode that only removed things from the base game, Amnesia's Adventure Mode actually expands the amount and complexity of the puzzles you'll encounter. So while you might not get the full horror experience while playing Adventure Mode, Amnesia: Rebirth should still be quite entertaining all the way through.

You can get a bit of an idea of what this looks like in action, as well as what the developers wanted to achieve with the Adventure Mode, through the freshly posted developer update. Have a gander:

To learn a little bit more about the Adventure Mode, as well as Amnesia: Rebirth itself, you should hop on over to Steam. Have fun!