Subnautica screenshot of a giant alien octopuss underwater

After quite a few patches and a whole lot of time in Steam Early Access, the underwater exploration/survival game Subnautica has now finally released. So if you were waiting for the developers to polish up all of the content before giving it a try, now would be the time to dive in as the current version of Subnatuica is pretty damn good!

If you're unfamiliar with Subnautica, or if you're just wondering how much the game has improved since it first released in Early Access, allow me to share with you two of the recent trailers. The first is the cinematic trailer that sets up the story and atmosphere, while the second one showcases the actual gameplay. Have a look:

It's not often that I recommend buying games full price, especially ones that have only just released, but I feel Subnautica hits the perfect balance between price and content. So if you're a fan of exploration and survival games, and you don't have a crippling fear of giant monsters that lurk in the deepest recesses of the ocean, I would say Subnautica is well worth the €20 asking price. It really is a great game, especially if you have a VR headset lying around!

You can learn more about Subnautica, or just buy yourself a copy, by visiting either the official website or Steam. Have fun, and don't let the leviathans bite you!

Subnautica screenshot of a giant underwater skeleton