Freedom Planet 2 official artwork and logo

Freedom Planet 2 was originally supposed to release at some point in 2018, but sadly it ran into quite a few hiccups during development and so it had to be delayed time and time and time again. Many years have gone by since then, but I'm happy to say that the long wait will soon be over as Freedom Planet 2 has finally received an actual release date - September 13th, 2022!

"We have previously stated that we would have a spring release date - however, we had to push this back due to a few unforeseen circumstances," explains the brief update. "We are eager to launch on multiple platforms at the same time alongside the PC version, and these additional ports will need more time to go through testing and certification than we anticipated."

While there is sadly no new gameplay trailer to share, you can still get a pretty decent idea of just what Freedom Planet 2 is trying to achieve through one of the older trailers below. Have a peek:

Speaking of old, there is also a fairly ancient demo available on Steam if you want to give Freedom Planet 2 a try for yourself. The whole thing is extremely outdated at this point so I wouldn't judge the game based on it, but with four playable characters and an entire level to explore, it should be a nice bit of fun regardless.

Once we get a newer gameplay preview, most likely closer to launch, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read more about Freedom Planet 2 and how it differs from the original over at the official website.