Owlboy screenshot showing a destroyed sky pirate ship

No, you haven't just read that wrong, Owlboy has actually been in development for well over nine years now! While this long of a development cycle would usually unleash an unholy abomination upon the world, I'm delighted to say that Owlboy not only looks amazing, but also appears to be just as good on the gameplay side of things.

But first things first, what in the world is Owlboy anyway? Well, its an open-world adventure game where you get to explore the clouds above, the monster infested ruins below, and fight a whole bunch of sky pirates somewhere in between... because why wouldn't there be sky pirates! In all honesty the concept is about as simple as it gets, but where Owlboy excels is in the execution as its world simply begs to be explored. But rather than simply ramble on, allow me to show you the recently posted launch trailer:

I've only just picked up Owlboy so my experience is fairly limited, but from all the reviews I've seen so far it has managed to exceed expectations. With that said, don't go into Owlboy expecting to get the same sort of challenge as you would from Dark Souls, its simply not that kind of game. But if you're looking for a game you can relax with while you explore the various levels and interact with the rather lively characters, then Owlboy might just be the one you seek.

You can find out more by heading over to the official website, but do bear in mind that its currently being hugged to death due to overwhelming traffic, so it might not be as responsive as you would like... or load at all! And as a final little note, here are a couple of images showcasing how charming Owlboy can truly get:

Owlboy's home

Owlboy statues that look eerily similar to snakes

Owlboy screenshot showcasing chains in the sky