Risk of Rain Returns key art and logo for the indie action-roguelike

[Update]: Risk of Rain Returns has now arrived, and it's looking quite good!

In a bit of a surprising announcement given that Gearbox recently purchased the Risk of Rain IP, Hopoo Games have just revealed that they're working on a major remaster of the original game. The aptly named Risk of Rain Returns will bring with it a bunch of new content to explore, a ton of balance changes and gameplay tweaks to make everything run smoother, as well as overhauled multiplayer so you can team up with your friends without messing with your router settings or any such nonsense.

Speaking of content, you can expect to see two additional Survivors join the roster, on top of each character getting unlockable alternate abilities to mess around with! There will also be a bunch of new items to find throughout your adventures, some of which come from Risk of Rain 2 and some of which are entirely new creations.

Naturally, not all of the new improvements and additions are centered around the players themselves. There will also be a bunch of new enemies to smash your head against, and more importantly, new stage variants to roam around in! So even though it's a 'humble' remaster, it does looks like Risk of Rain Returns is going to be a fair bit different than the original game.

What all of this looks like in action, that you can get a little sneak peek at through the announcement trailer below. Have a gander:

As for the release date, nothing specific has been announced just yet. That said, you can expect Risk of Rain Returns to land onto PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch at some point in 2023.

Once more information becomes available, ideally alongside a proper release date, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about Risk of Rain Returns over at Steam. Enjoy!

Risk of Rain Returns action-roguelike screenshot of a giant boar elite attacking the players

Risk of Rain Returns action-roguelike screenshot of alien jellyfish attacking the player

Risk of Rain Returns action-roguelike screenshot of a horde of enemies charging the players